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Ongoing Classes vs. Workshops

Guide to Ability Levels

Ongoing classes
provide students individualized learning. Students may join at any time. To fit your schedule, you can choose the number of classes to attend each month.

Workshops allow you to focus on a specialized technique or subject, Workshops vary in length from one day to three months. You must register for the entire workshop.

Guide to Ability Levels

Beginner – Limited or no experience in the fundamentals of art or in art media

Intermediate – Good foundation in the fundamentals of art including the principles of design, and a level of proficiency in the technical aspects of a given medium.

Advanced – Technical mastery of a given medium and the fundamentals of art. Cultivation of “discovering own voice” and a personal aesthetic.

Professional – instruction for working, selling artists whose art is shown in galleries, art centers, museums, and/or in publications.

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